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Machine Learning

Real time Decision Support System with intelligent dashboards

Get on to Auto Pilot mode – take intelligent decisions.

Machine Learning is the soul of intelligent decision making in an age when data generation has exploded. We at Wildbox Technologies, specialise in Machine Learning, where we create advanced algorithms, to solve complex problems in real time, which lets you take intelligent data driven decisions. This helps our clients in efficient operations, savings & increase in revenue

While there are analytic dashboards for every type of function, business teams are still awash in data without extracting enough knowledge. We realize that the problem is not in the lack of tools available, but in their inability to answer why events happen. With our solutions, any business team can ask questions and get answers from our team of data scientists and Machine Learning Engineers to solve complex problems with a data driven approach.

Wildbox Technologies & Machine Learning

At heart, we’re a company of problem solvers. We come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from Mathematics to Experimental Psychology, but we share a passion for solving complex challenges and searching through galactic sized data mines for gold. This passion fuels our highly collaborative culture, and our dedication to the growth of our employees, and partners. Data science has become critical for companies to stay competitive, and we are confident that our platform will enable more companies to grow through realising the value in their data.

Predictive Analytics & Prescriptive Analytics

An in-house team of data scientists here at Wildbox have been working hard on developing the next generation of data analytics algorithms, using advanced statistical methods. Companies worldwide have made tremendous inroads in exploiting the power of predictive and prescriptive analysis that is being explored on a daily basis. It no more helps to analyse data using the tested and tried technique of MS-Excel. You need a bit more, to have an edge in this competitive environment. We help you build your predictive analytics based Decision Support Systems.

Some of our works in Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

We at Wildbox, constantly deal with problems of handling unstructured text data. Our clients have various data sources plugged into their production systems that act as huge repositories of unstructured text database. Our in-house research team constantly develops algorithms to work with our ever-evolving Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines to interpret the text automatically as a human would, and draw conclusions out of it. We constantly succeed in offering our clients several services such as sentiment analysis, focus area analysis & emotional analysis in real time.

Gait Analyser (Body Wise)

A unique product which uses Machine learning and Computer Vision to solve a painful problem of assessing the gait of a person. A path breaking innovative product, the world’s first ever non-contact, non-invasive method to analyse several gait and miscellaneous joint parameters. The parameters include those that are widely used in stroke rehabilitation and sport biomechanics. Some key parameters measured are Stance, Percentage Stance Time, Cadence, Stride and Stride Length. For a complete list of parameters that can be evaluated using our BodyWise Gait Analyser, take a look at our user guide. Be amazed at what can be done with a non-invasive sensor, a computer and your human body.

3D Reconstruction of CT/MRI scans from 2D slices

A proprietary algorithm developed by our research team, which helps doctors visualize CT/MRI scans as a 3D reconstructed model.

A quick demo of how our 3D conversion algorithm works

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