Data Science

Untangle your data assets for sustainable competitive advantage.

Data Science

In any large organisation vast pool of data is always a ball of confusion. We at Wildbox have data experts and scientist who have vast experience in handling terabytes of data pools. We help businesses identify their key problems and solve them mathematically. We consult companies in solving their day to day problems with the data they have.

How do we do it?

There’s no single technology that encompasses data analytics. Though, there is advanced analytics that can be applied to a vast pool of data, in reality various technologies work synchronously or asynchronously to derive valuable insights from your complex data pool. The Quality & Quantity of data available is very important for taking advantage of the data. We, at Wildbox achieve it by doing the following:

1. Define problem statement

We make sure that the business defines their problem statement and we make sure they reason out the problem statement. We help the business identify and clearly define complex problem statements in a simplified way.

2. Data gathering

We take a data driven approach to solve complex problems. Hence, the data which we gather is very important. Selection of data for analysis is critical, we use various ways to gather and prepare data. In most cases, we extract the data from the business existing internal systems viz. their ERP or CRM, or any other tool they use to store and retrieve data (yes even excel sheets or Tableau) In some places we even develop an application to accumulate relevant data pertaining to the problem.

3. Data processing & clean up

This is one of the important steps in solving the problem. We prepare the data by summarising the attributes and visualizing the data using scatter plots & histograms, where we detail each attribute and relationship between attributes. This steps helps us visualise the depth of the data along the lines of the problem statement defined. This preprocessed data is now transformed to be engineered using machine learning techniques.

4. Data Analysis

We analyse the processed data using statistical tools and methods. We write specific machine learning algorithm for predictive analysis, to predict the outcome of the data set we are working on, mainly related to the business problem. This process uses an analytics engine or the intelligent tool is being designed and tested for the output. These algorithm designs and testing is based on statistics and probability.

5. Optimize

We create customized algorithms to analyse data to solve a specific problem. Now our data scientists apply predictive models and outcomes to run the ‘what-if’ scenarios, using targets provided by the client, to determine the best solution, which will be bound by various constraints and limitations. Based on these tests, we will select an optimal solution and algorithm based on the lowest error, meeting the client targets, and his intuitive recognition of the model along the lines of the clients strategic goals.

6. Data visualization

The output of big data crunching and analysis is best shown in a graphical method. We use data visualisation techniques to WOW the clients, where the interpretation becomes simplified using charts and graphs. We use d3.js, PykCharts.JS, Cytoscape.js for visualisation.

7. Decision Support System

Our data scientist and engineers offer you a sustainable data analytics solution. We design the analytics engine in a way that it is plugged to all your data sources in real time. The analytics engine based on Machine Learning, self learns and tweaks up to the real time scenarios. Which lets the client take advantage of their data in real time, and derive insights in real time to make better business decisions.

Why is data science important to your organisation?

Many data science techniques have proved that processing data in real time cloud has been very cost effective. Utilizing the past data of a business itself is a way to reduce cost. The complete automated way to derive insights from past data is a goldmine for organizations to optimize their process and save tons of dollars.

With our efficient real time analytics system and in memory analysis techniques, the system analyses the vast pool of data in much faster and an efficient way. This faster turn around time for analysing all the real time data makes the decision making process for the executives efficient, simple and fast.

Having access to real time analytics from various business functions, your organisation will be able to make quick decisions and cater your product design along the lines of your customer data. This makes your product team or your services team to come out with innovative ideas to cater your customers with next generation products & services, making you a clear winner among the competition.

Some of our works

Text Analytics

Industry Consumer Engagement, Hospitality.

Our expertise in text analytics helps our clients make full use of the power of natural language processing. Our experts perform every step in the chain including data processing and using advanced Machine Learning algorithms to develop an automated systems to classify the sentiment of feedback received by our clients and define the focus area. Our task usually also includes data collection and automated data scrapping from various internet portals.

Data Scrapper

Industry E-Commerce

Our flagship text mining tool includes a custom web scrapper that helps in scrapping large amount of data from various sources in real-time. We use this wealth of data to extract insightful intelligence for our clients. We use our proprietary techniques to create an intelligent real time analytics system using our scrapped data.

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